We can definitely appreciate the challenge of designing marketing collateral without a professional on board — we do it all the time!

Our design guide will give you some ideas to help get you started, and you can find all the specific measurements you need here. When it comes to free design tools, we like Canva, but there are tons of other great, free tools for you to try:

For most of these, you can still use our Canva templates. Just upload them to the platform and build your postcard on top. Once your postcard is ready, you can delete the template (it will either form a new layer, image or background when you add it to the graphic you’re working on) and what’s left will be your Touchcard postcard!

(Need inspiration? You can find examples of other successful Touchcard designs here.)

That said, if we have the bandwidth to help you with a design, we’re happy to! (Our support team is keen like that.) We’ll send you an awesome card on Canva that you can modify to your specific requirements. (You will need a free Canva account, though.) Contact us whenever you like.