The concept behind our business is simple: our automated postcards dutifully re-engage all your new business to increase your customer lifetime value. All you have to do is set it up and sit back.

Your monthly subscription

Like many online services, our subscription is based on a reserved monthly quantity. Your monthly subscription cost is based on how many cards you reserve per month, and you are free to choose how many you need. You can change this amount at any time by changing the quantity under the How many customers do you want to reach this month? text on the subscription page in the app.

The amount you reserve is credited to your account and can be used until the end of your 30 day billing cycle. At the end of this 30day period, your subscription is automatically replenished so you don’t have to remember to renew. Cards sent within the US are $0.99 cents each, and cards sent to international destinations (including Canada) are $1.98 (i.e. they count as two cards).

Note: By default, cards will only be sent within the US. You can change this setting after you have created a card. To allow cards to be sent internationally, turn on the Send to international addresses setting on the Welcome Cards page.