Images for both the front and back of the card must be 1875px long by 1275px wide. When the cards are cut by the supplier, they are resized to 1800px by 1200px, but the process is not exact so we recommend a 60px margin on each side. That said, your background image or color should extend right to the original edge. The image must be a JPG or PNG file.



Once you upload your image, you will be able to add a unique discount code directly to your card from within our app. The text is black, so if you would like to use one of our codes, we recommend adding a light-colored space of at least 510px by 300px (1.7″ x 1″) to the image before you upload it. The code can be added to either side of the card.

Note: Any ink in the postage address area will be removed. It’s also a good idea to leave the top-right corner of the address side empty as that is where the stamp will go. For international orders, the stamp is quite large — about 60% of the width of the card.

I don’t have a graphic designer or design software; can you help me?

Definitely! You can find a bunch of free, easy-to-use online tools and more information about how we can help you here. You can find our templates here and examples of other clients’ successful Touchcard designs here. If you’re not sure what should go on your card in general, checkout our design guide to give you some ideas.