Your monthly amount gets charged regardless of how many postcards you’ve sent. This system stems from our supplier relationships. By reserving a monthly quantity of postcards with them, we are able to pass on a more competitive rate per card.

If you find that you’re sending fewer cards than you reserve, there are two quick things you check that will help a lot:

  1. Do you have a minimum purchase filter that might be too high for your customer’s average spend?
  2. Have you reserved too many postcards given how many new customers you can expect, or how many customers meet your minimum-purchase filter?

If you haven’t used all your cards this month, just let us know; we are always happy to look into your plan and help you choose the amount that’s right for your shop.

Can I just pay each time I want to send a card?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay for one card at a time as our supplier does not print and send one card at a time. But more importantly, ordering in bulk allows us to automate the process and give you a great deal on the cards. If we charged one-by-one, we would have to raise our prices significantly.